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ZETLIGHT UFO a8/z8 WIFI Saltwater Aquarium LED Marine Coral Reef Fish Tank Light

Without orignal pack for low weight and fast custom declaring.
A8 and Z8 is same product. They are different name in different country.
I will declareing a low value to customs
Included an plug converter according your country plug type.
Hanging mounting not included in standard kit.

Professional marine lights
Power: 90W
Four channel dimming
Preset multiple modes: sunrise, sunset, moonlight, etc.
Full spectrum adjustable
Can raise LPS SPS reef

The UFO LED lighting unit is the latest offering from Zetlight. The unique design incorporates a slimline, modern, attractive UFO shaped unit that is fully controllable via the Horizon Aqua WiFi interface by using the following devices: Smartphone, iOS, Apple or Android. Included is a fully adjustable mounting bracket that allows easy, hassle free placement of the lighting head.

  • Full spectrum light provided by a total of 44 chips using Hybrid-z chip technology
  • Total power output: 55w
  • The UFO features a special blend of Cree LEDs in eleven colors that are grouped together in a tight LED cluster.
  • A condensed optical lens offers deeper light penetration while the quarts optical lens ensures improved UV transmsission
  • Luminance transfer technology ensures that all the light produced is focused into the aquarium with the same intensity at which it was produced with no loss of power.
  • A single unit is recommended for an aquarium of 60 x 60 x 60cm.
  • For larger aquariums more that one unit may be used as they may be synchronized
  • Minimum aquarium size: 30 x 30 x30cm.
  • The lighting head and mounting bracket is fitted with titanium alloy fasteners. The entire unit is fully corrosive-resistant
  • Although the unit should never be submerged, it has an impressive IPX4 waterproof rating.

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UFO A8 Marine (wifi build in), UFO ZE8600 Marine (wifi build in)(without hanging kits), UFO ZE6800F Fresh water (wifi build in) (without hanging kits), UFO ZE8600 / 8600F hanging kit


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