Zetlight POKPO Aquarium Siphon Overflow Device 2500 Combo


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Brand: Zetlight

The Zetlight POKPO Overflow Siphon Device 2500 is a cleverly designed compact gadget that allow an easy and smart way to add your own filtration system to an aquarium.

Perfect for marine hobbyists wishing to add a sump filter to their existing aquarium but do not want to drill or use big overflow boxes.

POKPO Siphon Compact Overflow System is the answer!

The unit uses 20mm outer diameter tubing or hard pvc plumbing.

Dimension: 17×5.2×5.2cm

You can easily create your aquarium sump filtration system without any drilling. all you need to prepare is Simply hang siphon device by the side of your aquarium.

It does not contain any mechanical and electronic parts, which means it will never fail. So basically POKPO can stay with you throughout your entire journey of the aquarium hobby.


When there is a power failure, the siphon stops. When the power resumes, the siphon recovers. As long as you use it properly, it is absolutely safe. If you don’t understand well, please read and follow the manual carefully.


With the help of the specially designed connector, you can hang it over any aquarium. φ20mm/Φ24mm



When the lift height is 1 meter high, a single siphon system can work together with a pump rated at 2500L/H in maximum and with only a 20mm (outside diameter) pipe, while if using an overflow box, you will probably need a pipe of 32mm outside diameter in order to reach that volume of water flow. Besides, you can adjust the operating water-level which the traditional overflow box cannot do. More importantly, the siphon system do not make any noise.



If your pump is rated over 2500L/h, you can add 1 more set of siphon device to increase water flow, or even 2 more sets for even larger water flow.

The POKPO Combo kit includes a 1M clear PVC pipe including all fittings to create an overflow for your tank.


The Pokpo Aquarium Siphon Device is an ingenious new take on how to get water to drain from your tank, without having to drill it. This miniature siphon is capable of draining up to 2,500 liters or around 660 gallons per hour in an assembly that miniaturizes the mechanics of a typical overflow box and U-tube siphon.


It might not be made of glass but it is partially DIY coming with an assortment of elbows and fittings to make it fit your tank just how you like.

Thankfully a fresh new video by Taiwanese distributor finally gives us a good view of how this device functions. Although the explanation is in Chinese, the video still gives a pretty good presentation of how the Popko Siphon works, and how small it is compared to the tank it’s on.


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