Zetlight Aqua ZA1200 Freshwater LED



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Brand: Zetlight

The ZA1200 is a fanless LED light that uses an enlarged heatsink to manage and disperse the heat produced by the diodes. With no fan, their is absolutely no noise generated by the light making it perfect for office or bedroom settings. The lights are protected by an acrylic splash guard that accents the lights overall aesthetics while providing a solid mounting location. The included mounting bracket can clamp securely on to the back of your tank.


Maximum Spread – 18″ x 18″

Recommended Spread – 12″ x 12″

LED Specifications:

Zetlight has designed the ZA1200 to produce light in the range of 450-465nm, ultimately benefiting your coral.

21x White: 12k

7x Blue: 450-485nm

4x Red: 620-630nm

4x Green: 520-535nm

Fixture Specifications:

Dimensions – 10.24″ L x 4.72″ W x 1.125″ T

Input Voltage – 100v – 240V AC

Total Power – 16W

Max tank Clamping Thickness – .39″ (1cm)

Mounting Clamp Height – 6.69″

Mounting Clamp Distance from Tank – 8″ (approx.)

What’s Included?

1x ZA1200 LED Module

1x Power Supply

1x Acrylic Mounting Bracket

4x Mounting Screws


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