XF-060 Fish tank (Pink colour only)


Energy-saving and environmental-friendly, easy to add water or feed, delicate and simple, is especially suitable for office and home desktop decoration.

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XF – 060 plastic is transparent, high-grade and elegant

XF-060 fish tank with the novel design, high transparent glass level and exquisite workmanship is so coordinated and beautiful. The impeccable transparency reflects the truest beauty, which is the best magic for home and office close to nature. In addition, it also adds a little green to you and you can enjoy the original ecology. The switch waterproof cap is your security guards whom work 24 hours for you. The upper filter that can replace the filter material makes your water quality always keep the cleanest state. No matter you are feeding your loved fish or adding some water to the fish tank, the small feeding cover is so convenient.

You can choose white, pink and blue according to your taste.

The unity of biological filtration system and energy-saving lighting system

The high brightness LED light is energy-saving and environmental-friendly, which is open or closed freely. That will not absolutely affect the normal operation of biochemical filtration system. The system of filtering, oxygen increasing and lighting could make your loved fish enjoy more space and meet your simple and fashionable taste. The high-efficient activated carbon of the filter box is effectively purifying the water quality, making water quality more clear. High-density filter cotton can absorb residual impurities of the fish tank such as fish erbium and so on while high-efficient biochemical sponge could extremely ensure clean water quality.


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