UV Sterilizer 55W




The UV works by exposing the photo tropic micro-organisms i.e.: free floating single celled algae to dose of UV radiation. This destroys and prevents the regrowth of the algae. The UV’s have no side effects on the inhabitants of your tank / pond and its environment.

This product can take your water clarity to the next level! For freshwater and saltwater aquariums.

  • The Vortex chamber sterilizer uses a high-quality Philips UV-C lamp that peaks at 253.7 nm.  The lamp contains a long-life (above 8 000 hours) anode ring and is suitable for use at temperatures ranging from refrigerated to normal ambient environments (5*C – 45*C).
  • The Vortex chamber Ultraviolet sterilizer is internal and external waterproofing.  The powerful blades spiral the lead water flow around the UV-C ray tube in 10 mm circumference, sterilizing the bacteria within the most effective range.   That results in 6 times more efficiency than any other UV Lights.
  • The design applies the principle of destroying and decomposing microbes ” DNA, RNA, and proteins.    Its has perfect effects of sterilizing and preventing pathogens algae.
  • It can be used both inside and outside the tank or pond and installed vertically & horizontally
  • The water flow must be turned on and moving around the UV sterilizer before turning on the UV Sterilizer.
  • Please don’t look steadily at the lighting lamp to avoid injuries of your eyes.



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