TNA-27cm curve tweezer



TNA – Curved Tweezer is a professional stainless steel aquarium plant tweezer. It is specifically made for the underwater gardener and are perfect for someone who does not want to get their elbows wet while scaping their aquarium.


The TNA Tweezers are made of high quality stainless steel. It is durable, flexible, firm, convenient and practical.

The straight tweezers are great for picking up smaller objects, stones and other general purpose uses while the curved tweezers help to ensure proper plant maintenance. The tweezers will help to ease the planting (tiny carpet plants and larger plants) in new and established aquariums. It will also help with maintenance and will not harm any type of aquarium plants. The tools can further be used to help you place nutrition capsules in the bottom layer of your substrate.


Rinse and dry the tweezers after each use.


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