Superior Nutrition Aqua-dox Medicated Paste Food


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Effectively treat sick fish by feeding medication to them.

Healthy tank mates are not exposed to chemicals or medications.

This is a wide spectrum antibiotic and complete diet, effective against gram positive and negative bacteria, secondary infections, ulcers, sores, fin rot, mouth rot, fungus, internal infections and parasites.

No food binder or medicine needs to be added.

Store at room temperature.

Can be used with NemaRid Dewormer for comprehensive treatment of internal worms, or with other medication, except antibiotics. For ornamental freshwater, marine aquarium and pond fish.

Mix enough of this food for a single feeding with a small volume of water and mould into a rubbery ball. Press the ball firmly to the inside of the aquarium or pond for the fish to feed off or break into bite-sized pieces to feed to the fish.

Ensure that all sick fish are fed. Feed as much as fish will consume in 5 – 7 minutes, two or three times daily for 10 consecutive days. Following the instructions will ensure the average fish will ingest sufficient medication.

Allow two weeks between repeat treatments. Repeat when new fish are added to the system.

Not for use on fish intended for human or animal consumption. Keep out of reach of children, uninformed persons and other animals.

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