RESUN Battery Operated Air Pumps *Load Shedding



Resun Battery Operated Air Pump

The Resun Battery Operated Air Pump is not only the strongest Battery (AC DC) Air pump in the market, it is also extremely quiet. Perfect for fish room or ponds without the need to worry about loadshedding.

These pumps comes in two models:

Resun HLP-4000: 28watt, 220V, 50Hz, 60L/Min Single Outlet, 0.03Mpa, 7.6KG, 320x202x183mm
Resun HLP-8000: 28watt, 220V, 50Hz, 56x2L/Min Single Outlet, 0.03Mpa, 9.6KG, 350x230x200mm


• Dual mode power supply – AC or Battery. The battery works for 10 hours between charges. When plug in, the air pump works with AC power, and the battery charges automatically.
• Unique structure with good heat dissipation and low noise, large air output, high pressure, and long service life
• Digital display panel, easy to adjust the air output
• Standard modular design for easy maintenance and replacement of the battery or PCB
• Anti-rust aluminum alloy double air outlets
• Portable design with soft rubber handle, easy to carry and move
• Easy-to-clean housing made of UV-proof material for anti-sun exposure

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RESUN HLP-4000 (Battery up to 80 hours), RESUN HLP-8000 (Battery up to 150 hours)


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