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RF Dosing Pump Holder (4 units), RF Dosing pump head (for Dosing pump\Dosing pump x3 \ RF KH keeper plus (Blue)), RF Dosing pump head (for KH Keeper Plus reagent pump \Dosing pump Pro (Orange)), RF Silicone tube for dosing pump / RF KH Keeper Plus 2\5mm (1m), RF Dosing tube holder (6), RF Probes Multi Holder, RF Accessory Pack for Dosing Pump / DpX3, RF KH Keeper Plus / PH Mete Probe, RF PH Probe Cleaning solution, RF KH Keeper plus Mixing pill, RF KH Keeper Plus Glass Beaker, RF Silicone tube for dosing pump Pro \ RF KH Reagent 1/3mm (1meter), RF Silicone tube for dosing pump \ RF KH Reagent 2/5mm (1meter), RF Charger 12V 2A EU\UK\JP, RF KH Keeper Concentrate reagent 1 L, RF Tube Connector, RF PH 7 Calibration Liquid 50ml, RF PH 4 Calibration Liquid 50ml, RF Maintenance Kit for KH Keeper Plus, RF Salinity Guardian Probe, RF Salinity Guardian Calibration liquid 35 ppt


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