Red Sea Y Split Outlet D42176



In light of consumer demand to use more powerful return pumps on their REEFER systems, Red Sea have now produced a new “Y” shaped nozzle outlet that splits the water return from the pump into two streams improving the water distribution throughout the aquarium. The minimal footprint of this new optional nozzle outlet maintains the clean and elegant look of the REEFER water management system and avoids shading of corals that are located beneath it.


FitsREEFER 170, REEFER-S 850, REEFER 170A, REEFER-S 1000, REEFER Peninsula 650, REEFER XL 200, REEFER Peninsula 650 A, REEFER Peninsula 500, REEFER 3XL 900, REEFER XXL 750, REEFER XXL 750-2, REEFER 250 G2, REEFER 250, REEFER XXL 750 V3, REEFER XL 300, REEFER XXL 625, REEFER XXL 625 A, REEFER XL 525, REEFER XL 525 V3, REEFER 350 V3, REEFER XL 525 V3A, REEFER 450, REEFER XL 425, REEFER XL 425 V3, REEFER XL 425 V3A, REEFER 170 G2, REEFER 350, REEFER 350 V3A, REEFER 525 G2, REEFER 250 V3, REEFER 200 G2, REEFER 250 V3A, REEFER 300 G2, REEFER 750 G2, REEFER NANO


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