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The ReefDose Deluxe 4-Color Tubing & Accessories Kit includes everything you need to connect your additives to your ReefDose pump and start dosing. The color-coded tubing is great for keeping your additive lines separate and easy to identify, and we love the well-thought-out tubing organization accessories. The tube holder mounts over the rim of your tank or sump and holds the tubing connection tips, which keeps the lines clean and ensures precise dosing even with small increments. The tubing clips are also a real bonus, allowing you to anchor the lines along the way and keep them from flopping around inside of your stand or cabinet.


  • Air-resistant TPE tubing
  • Keeps Tubing organized and secured
  • Quick connect tips ensure precise dosing
  • 2 color kits for up to 8 unique tubing colors

Available in 2 Color Pallets

  • Blue-Green Kit (Purple, Blue, Blue-Green, Green tubing)
  • Yellow-Red Kit (Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow tubing)

What’s Included?

  • 4x Air-resistant TPE colored tubes (10 ft each)
  • 1x Tube Holder
  • 4x Quick-connect tips
  • 3x Snap-open tube organizer clips

Additional information


R35343 – Accessory kit Blue-Green, R35356 – Accessory kit Red-Yellow, R35353 – Tube holder (incl tips), R35354 – Tube organiser Clip (3 units), R35355 – Tube Tip Set (4 tips), R35344 – Head Tube with Hose Barbs, R35358 – Tubes 4x3m (10") Blue-Green, R35359 – Tubes 4x3m (10") Red-Yellow


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