REEF-SPEC Carbon has all the proper technical and physical characteristics making it a perfect carbon for marine and reef aquariums. The carbon will absorb and rapidly remove organic pollutants through its micro/macro pore structures making your tanks water crystal clear and removing any possible smells associated.

Includes Filter Bag

Three sizes available:

100 g

250 g

500 g

1000 g

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Why Use Carbon?

Carbon has been used in aquariums for decades with the purpose of trapping organic pollutants that can normally cause your water to tint yellow, along with a possible foul smell. Your livestock will constantly produce organic waste that when broken down can be a catalyst for unwanted microorganisms and also increasing the total oxygen demand of the system which can lead to many other issues.


Media Bag or Reactor?

We normally suggest running carbon in an up flow style reactor since they provide consistent contact time, leading to greater control and overall efficiency. Filter or Media Bags work great for many applications but will not be nearly as efficient as its counter part. When using a media bag it is best to place them in an area of direct flow like a sump baffle or overflow chamber directing water to pass over and through the carbon. With media bags it is recommended to gently need the bag once a week or so allowing the carbon in the center of the bag to migrate to the outer edges.


Usage Guide

Organic load and yellow tint removal: The recommended dosage of Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC Carbon is approximately 50 gr (100 ml) per 200 L (50 gallons) for a period of 1-2 months for a moderately stocked reef aquarium.

Post-medication treatment: The recommended dosage of Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC Carbon to absorb medication residuals is approximately 100 gr (200 ml) per 200 L (50 gallons) for a period of a week.

Ozone post-treatment: The recommended dosage of Red Sea’s REEF-SPEC Carbon to remove residual ozone is 50 gr per 50mg/hr of ozone injection. The carbon should be placed at the ozone reactor/ protein skimmer outlet. Carbon should be replaced once it has reached approximately 50% of its original volume.


Tips when using REEF-SPEC Carbon:

  • Rinse any fines under tap water until it runs clear
  • Recommended flow around 250 – 400 GPH per 50 gr of REEF-SPEC Carbon
  • Replace every 1.5 – 2 months


REEF-SPEC Carbon Specifications

Shape – 0.6 – 2.3 mm flake

Density – 0.48 g/ml

Additional information

Reef Spec Carbon

R37402 -100g, R37405 – 250g, R37410 – 500g, R37420 – 1000g


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