R22073 Red Sea Coral Colors D (Trace) 500ml


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Red Sea Coral Color D is a complex of 18 trace elements. These 18 elements (out of all the trace elements in NSW) participate in the metabolic processes inside a coral’s skeleton and soft tissue. D elements are related to the blue/purple chroma-proteins.

Weekly dosing – Soft Corals

Test the Color Elements every week and dose each supplement to replenish back to the optimal levels.

Daily dosing – SPS corals

Ensure that all of the Color Elements are at optimal values and run the aquarium for
4 days at a stable salinity (compensate for evaporation daily) without adding any
supplements. At the end of the 4 days test the Color Elements and calculate the “4 day dosage” of each supplement to replenish back to the optimal levels. Add the “4 day dosage” to the system. Divide this “4 day dosage” by 4 and use as the daily dosage for the next week
After a week of adding the daily dosage, test the Color Elements and calculate the adjusting dosage of each supplement to replenish back to the optimal levels.

  • If the adjusting dosage is significantly different from the previous daily dosage amend (increase/decrease) the daily dosage as appropriate.
  • If the measured level of a specific element is above the optimal level wait for the excess of the element to be depleted before restarting the daily supplementation with the amended daily dosage.

Continue testing all of the elements every week and make adjustments to the daily
dosages as required. As your corals grow or you add or remove livestock the uptake of the elements in your aquarium will gradually change. It is recommended to keep a log book of the weekly measurements and dosages.

If you miss one or more days of supplementing add the complete amount that you have missed but do not exceed the maximum recommended daily increase for any of the elements

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