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Red Sea’s Reef Color Pro kit includes advanced tests for the high resolution measurements of Iodine (50 test’s), Potassium (40 test’s) and Iron (50 test’s). All of these elements are associated with many biological functions and play a key role in coral production, one of which being coral pigmentation. This test kit enables accurate dosing of 3 of the reef colors supplements range, which are part of the complete Red Sea Reef Care program.

Elements That Effect Corals Coloration:

Red Sea’s research into the metabolic demand of SPS, LPS & soft corals has identified 27 minor and trace elements that in addition to the foundation elements are present in the skeleton and soft tissue of all corals. These elements are known as important bio-catalysts in thousands of metabolic processes in marine organisms and therefore must be readily available in all reef aquariums. Many of them however become toxic in concentrations above the levels found in natural sea water and therefore their correct dosage is crucial to the long term success of any reef aquarium.

Research has identified 4 distinct groups of elements with similar biological functions as well as a direct connection to specific coral pigments that enabled the division of the 27 elements into the 4 supplements Reef Colors A, B, C & D. Reef Colors supplements have been formulated such that the ratio of the elements in each supplement are the same as are found in the combined coral skeleton and soft tissue.

All of the Reef Colors should be supplemented regularly to all LPS and SPS aquariums without connection to the colors of the specific corals or whether the water parameters (levels of foundation elements and algae nutrients) are set for enhanced coloration or accelerated growth.

Enhanced Coloration:

In reef aquariums corals often have higher than natural populations of Zooxanthellae algae that give a deep brown tint obscuring the natural vivid pigments of the corals. Lowering the Zooxanthellae populations by fine control of algae nutrients (such as with Red Sea’s NO3:PO4-X) will remove the brownish tint and induce the production of pigments (chromoproteins) that protect the delicate inner layers of the coral soft tissue from intense UV radiation, similar to the tanning of human skin when exposed to direct sunlight.

Our research has shown that the pigments can only be produced by the soft tissue of the coral if the specific elements required for the bio-chemical process are available in the correct concentration. Each of the natural pink, red, green/yellow & blue/purple pigments are connected with specific elements that correlate with the elemental grouping of the Reef Colors A, B, C & D.

Dosing by total elemental demand:

Reef Colors A, B & C each contain a leading element (Iodine, Potassium & Iron) that is accurately measurable with Red Sea’s unique Reef Colors Pro test kits enabling the replenishment of each of these supplements according to the total demand of the reef.

Dosing by calcium (coral growth) demand:

Our research also identified a constant ratio between each of the Reef Colors and the overall consumption of calcium, which is proportional to coral growth and metabolic activity. Therefore, by measuring the uptake of calcium by the corals we are able to replenish all of the elements that have definitely been depleted from the water by the corals, without the danger of reaching toxic levels. This method of dosing should be used for supplementing Reef Color D and can be applied successfully to Reef Colors A, B, & C.

Reef Colors Complete:

The complete Reef Care program is the result of years of research into the physiological demands of SPS, LPS & Soft Corals in the reef aquarium. The complete program has been divided into 4 distinct but complimentary sub-programs according to the various biological processes that take place.

In addition to the Reef Colors program, the complete Reef Care program also includes the following:

Reef Foundation – Provides biologically balanced levels of the foundation elements (calcium, carbonates and magnesium) that ensure the optimal water conditions for a sustainable, vibrant coral reef.

Algae Control Program – Controlled nitrate & phosphate reduction that prevents nuisance algae and provides the fine control of Zooxanthellae populations that significantly affect coral growth rates and coloration.

Reef Energy – Provides the carbohydrates, vitamins and amino acids that fuel all metabolic processes of corals.

For optimal results you should implement the complete program.


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