R21405 – Red Sea Calcium Pro Titration Test Kit


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Red Sea Advanced Calcium titration test for the experienced reef keeper.

This test kit is designed for testing accurate levels of Calcium (Ca) in any Marine Aquarium. It is an advanced calcium titration test, measuring the level of calcium in your reef aquarium to an exceptionally high resolution of 2.5ppm.

This test kit enables the accurate dosing of Red Sea’s Reef Foundation A (calcium / Strontium) and reef color supplement, which are part of the complete Red Sea Reef Care program.

Why Test For Calcium (Ca)?

A successful coral reef aquarium is dependent upon maintaining the appropriate water parameters that in turn provide the stable environment required by the corals. Although all the elements found in natural seawater have an important role in providing the optimal water parameters, a few of them have a more significant role in the overall stability. These elements are the foundation of the reef environment and they include the three major elements, Calcium (Ca), Magnesium (Mg) and Bicarbonates (HCO3). These 3 elements have a major effect on the water chemistry (pH stability, Alkalinity, sea water ionic strength) and on many of the coral’s biological processes (skeleton formation, ions exchange, photosynthesis).

This Test Kit comes complete with:

  • Titrator,
  • Durable Plastic Housing Box,
  • Color Card,
  • Full Instruction Manual,
  • Dosing Spoon,
  • Calcium Test Liquids,
  • Up To 75 Calcium Test’s.

Excessive dosing of calcium or buffer (without dosing magnesium) – Adding too much calcium (to saturation levels) can lead to a sudden drop in alkalinity. Adding too much buffer to an aquarium with calcium at saturation levels will cause precipitation, leading to low calcium levels. Calcium is essential component in the skeleton of corals and therefore constantly depleted from the aquarium.

To promote healthy coral growth a natural level of calcium must be maintained. The Calcium Pro test has a higher accuracy them regular calcium tests and is an important tool in the administering/usage of advanced calcium supplements.


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