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Rapidly decreases phosphate levels in aquarium water.

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OceanSix PhosX™ rapidly decreases phosphate levels in aquarium water. PhosX starts to work immediately and turns the phosphate into a form that can be removed by mechanical filtration. 5ml of PhosX will remove 1ppm phosphate from 100L of aquarium water.

• Safe for all aquarium inhabitants
• Suitable for marine, reef, and freshwater aquariums
• Fast acting
• Can be used continuously
• Can be dosed while protein skimming is turned on

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Add 5ml (1 capful) of OceanSix PhosX for every 100L of aquarium water. A repeated dosage can be added after 24 hours if testing still shows undesirable phosphate levels. For use as a daily dosage, do not exceed 5ml per 100L of aquarium water.

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250ml, 500ml


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