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Manganese has an essential role in the health and coloration of Goniopora and Alveopora corals. This element is a crucial component of various enzymes and plays a central role in the photosynthesis cycle. It is necessary for growth and influences the red coloration of many corals, including Goniopora and Alveopora. In natural seawater, manganese is limited and mainly sourced from bacteria, algae plankton, and the food consumed by corals. In reef aquariums, a lack of manganese can lead to visible signs such as blunt tissue, reduced or lacking growth, colorless growth tips, retracted polyps, and potential light sensitivity in these corals. Goniopora and Alveopora species are indicator species for manganese deficiency. Slight deficiency can especially reduce the strong red coloration of these corals.

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Use 5ml per 100L of total aquarium water volume weekly.

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Manganese 250ml, Manganese 500ml


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