Ocean Six Products in 5 Liters


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Carbo Vite

Carbo Vite – Ocean Six is a blend of essential amino acids, vitamins, and carbohydrates.

PhosX – OceanSix PhosX rapidly decreases phosphate levels in aquarium water.

Manganese – OceanSix Manganese is a premium manganese supplement that promotes optimum coral growth.

Trace Complete – OceanSix Trace Complete replenishes 20 of the essential and non-essential trace elements in the reef aquarium.

Magnesium – OceanSix Magnesium restores and maintains magnesium levels in the reef aquarium.

Strontium – OceanSix Strontium is a premium supplement that provides the optimal concentration of Strontium, a vital trace element essential for the development and growth of corals, particularly stony corals and clams.

Alkalinity – OceanSix Alkalinity restores and maintains alkalinity (carbonate ions) in the reef aquarium.

Calcium – OceanSix Calcium restores and maintains calcium levels in the reef aquarium.

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Alkalinity 5L, Calcium 5L, Magnesium 5L, Trace Complete 5L, Strontium 5L, Phos X 5L, Manganese 5L, Carbo Vite 5L


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