NT Labs Marine Anti-Phos (Lanthanum)


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Brand: NT Labs

When to use?

Stunted coral growth and the presence of unwanted algae is commonly an indicator of excessive phosphate in the water. Phosphate is a consequence of fish waste and while phosphate is essential for life, too much is detrimental. Phosphate is often also present in tap water, so can be inadvertently introduced during water changes.

Anti-Phos is a fast-acting, easy-to-use liquid formulation of lanthanum that rapidly detoxifies phosphate, removing it from the water. Anti-Phos should be used whenever high phosphate is detected and following water changes to remove phosphate found in tap water.

How to use?

  • Carbon can be left in place during use.
  • Keep skimmers and UV filtration switched on if present.

Water may become temporarily cloudy when applied – this is normal and indicates phosphate is being removed from the water.
1ml per 50 litres This dose reduces the concentration by 0.5 mg/L phosphate. Do not allow phosphate to fall below 0.03 mg/L as a small amount of phosphate is needed in a marine aquarium.


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