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Brand: NT Labs

When to use?

Symptoms of bacterial infections include: reddened wounds, ulcers, missing scales, eroded fins and/or mouth. White, sugar grain-sized spots covering the body indicate marine white spot (Cryptocaryon), while finer white spots are likely marine velvet (Oodinium). External parasites may also show scratching behaviour.

Anti-Bacterial contains powerful ingredients to kill bacteria. When used in conjunction with NT Labs Marine Paratonical it is the best way of eradicating protozoan parasites in a reef aquarium where invertebrates are present.

How to use?

  • Check water quality before use.
  • Remove adsorbent filtration media (activated carbon, phosphate remover) from filters for the treatment period.
  • Turn off UV filtration and/or ozone generators if present.
  • Turn off protein skimmer for a minimum of two hours after application. Maintain good aeration throughout.
  • Use provided cup to measure required dose and slowly add dose to aquarium.


Active Ingredients: Acriflavine 26.7 mg/100 ml, 9-Aminoacridine HCl 26.7 mg/100 ml, Formaldehyde 754 mg/100 ml

10 ml per 44 litres

Can be increased to 20 ml per 44 litres in fish-only aquariums. For white spot, follow with a full 10-day course of Marine Paratonical. Leave 10 days before repeating treatment if required.


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