NT Labs Anti-Internal Bacteria


Brand: NT Labs

Suitable for coldwater & tropical aquariums, treatment for internal infections such as reddening of body, cloudy & pop eye.

Certain species of bacteria such as Pseudomonas, Aeromonas and Vibrio bacteria can infect fish internally causing an array of symptoms. Anti-Internal Bacteria penetrates deep into the fish to locate the disease causing bacteria and eradicate them.

Winner of the Water Treatments category in the PFK Manufactures Poll 2019.

Q: I have to remove chlorine & chloramine from my tap water so why am I now adding it in with these products? A: Although they share very similar names, chloramine and chloramine T are in fact very different compounds and have quite different properties.


Active Ingredients: Chloramine T 1150 mg/100 mL

Available in the following variations:

10 ml per 50 litres of aquarium water.

If you feel a second course of treatment is required, first check your diagnosis, test your water quality using NT Labs Test Kits and carry out a 30% partial water change.


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