Maxspect Nano Tech Clear Cube


8 pcs


Maxspect Nano-Tech Clear Cube are tourmaline-based cubes with unique water clarification capabilities. Nano-Tech Clear Cube dissolves, breaks down and decomposes dissolved organic matter (DOM) in the water, removing the yellow color from the water column and keeping it clearer in the aquarium for a very long time.
Nano-Tech Clear Cube is not an absorbent similar to granular activated carbon or GAC, which tends to saturate after a few days or a week.
Nano-Tech Clear Cube has a much longer lasting effectiveness and keeps aquarium water crystal clear for much longer.
Nano-Tech Clear Cube also helps combat cyanobacteria and other harmful bacteria/fungi in an aquarium.

How to use

Place the Nano-Tech Clear Cube directly into the sump in an area with medium to high water flow.
It is recommended to replace the Nano-Tech Clear Cube every year.

For freshwater and saltwater aquariums.


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