Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Block 2pc


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Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Block are a new filter media for use in freshwater and marine water aquariums. With an ultra-high surface cross-cutting ratio and filtration area, each Bio-Block has up to 1,080 m² surface area for the establishment of bacterial colonies. With the use of stabilized microbial sewage treatment technology (W-BAF), the Bio-Spheres have a unique advantage in the treatment of water column with high Ammonia-Nitrogen (NH4-N) and high Nitrate-Nitrogen (NO3-N). The Bio-Block excel at establishing bacterial colonies in form of Bio-Nano Composite Films, it allows different species of bacteria and fungi to grow on its large surface area, such as nitrifying bacteria (including species of the genera Nitrosomas, Nitrosococcus, Nitrobacter and Nitrococcus), yeast phototrophic prokaryotes, etc.

Maxspect Nano-Tech Bio-Block

  • stabilized microbial sewage treatment technology with Biological Aerated Filter (W-BAF)
  • ultra-high surface cross-cutting ratio and filtration area
  • Nano-Tech Bio-Block is made of ceramic beads and is completely inert
  • individual use in filter sump, external filter, internal filter
  • can also simply be placed into the aquarium
  • suitable for fresh and marine water aquariums
  • content: 2 filter blocks 10×10 cm


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