Hailea Air Compressors


Air tubing and air stones are not included. Actual product may vary from the picture.


Hailea Piston Electromagnetic Air Compressor Pumps could be an adequate oxygen supplier in your aquariums, fish stalls and farms, hotel seafood aeration, aquaponics, hydroponics, or other areas where strong air is a must!

The case is made of high-quality ZL102 aluminum alloy with streamline design, heat-dissipation is more effective.
Driven by electrical magnetic motor, adopt straight-line reciprocal motion to produce air and more reasonable in structure.
Adopt SF3 new type wearable material for the cylinder and piston, which is of low power consumption, large air output and high air pressure.
Non-oil lubricating design, the compressed air is purified.

ACO-208 air compressor 35l/m
ACO-308 air compressor 45l/m
ACO-318 air compressor 60l/m
ACO-328 air compressor 70l/m
ACO-388D air compressor 80l/m
ACO-009D air compressor 120l/m
ACO-380 air compressor 280l/m

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ACO-208, ACO-308, ACO-318, ACO-328, ACO-388D, ACO-009D, ACO-380


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