D-D Coral Colour Lenses Clip on

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Color correct your smart phone’s camera in seconds with the D-D Coral Colour Clip On Lenses

Clip on colour adjustment and close Focus lens system for smartfones & tablets.

Box contains :

  • 1 Amber lens (for 15,000 Kelvin Lighting)
  • 1 Yellow lens (for 20,000 Kelvin Lighting)
  • 1 Close focus lens 10x ( Close-up lens, can use with filters)
  • 1 Lens clip (for maximum thicknes 15 mm)
  • 1 lens cloth (microfibre)

The D-D Coral Colour Clip On Lenses is perfect for taking pictures of reef tanks that are lit with blue light.The amber and yellow filter will help decrease the blue coloration that cell phones have a hard time dealing with,

and bring out the true colors of your corals.

Just screw the adequat lens in the holder ,clip it over your phones camera lens and start taking pictures!

Your camera will work as usual, being able to zoom, focus, and even take video when the D-D Coral Colour Clip On Lenses lens is attached.

When you are done just remove the D-D Coral Colour Clip On Lenses and put the lens cover back onto the filter and aperture for safe keeping.


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