Dr Tanks CO2 Fertilizer Tabs3 40g (about 100 tabs)


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  • Effervescing CO2+carbon source
  • CO2 fertilizing effect or carbon fertilizing effect causes an increase rate of photosynthesis
  • 50pcs package treats 2500L water
  • 50pcs package for nano tank (<50cm) treats almost 1 year
  • 50% cylinder performance



Tabs are to be dosed directly, please refer to the dosing table. Ultra Micro Bubbles (UMB) CO2 bubbles would be given off during effervescence for 20 minutes. The tablet also contains inorganic carbon source for continuously photosynthetic.


Can be used alone or with CO2 cylinder.

  • Dosing

    tank(cm)/litres(L)          dose

    <50cm                          1Tab/bi-weekly

    60x30x36cm(65L)        1Tabs/twice a week

    60x40x40cm(96L)        2Tabs/twice a week


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