Chihiros extra’s (Shade, Hanging ropes, Power supplies)


Can OVN straight from supplier to you


Pls phone or whatsup Renata first to confirm stock as the supplier doesn’t send us stock lists anymore.

Shade, Hanging Ropes & power supplies

Additional information


Shade for CII RGB (with mirror), Shade for WRGB II SLIM30 (with mirror), Shade for WRGB II SLIM45 (with mirror), Shade for WRGB II SLIM60 (with mirror), Shade for WRGB PRO 45, Shade for WRGB PRO 60, Shade for Vivid Mini, Shade for RGB Vivid 2, Hanging rope kit for all, Hanging rope kit for SLIM, Hanging rope kit for PRO, Hanging rope kit for Vivid Mini, GVE 36V 0.8A Power Supply, GVE 36V 1.1A Power Supply, GVE 36V 1.8A Power Supply, GVE 36V 2.8A Power Supply, GVE 36V 3.5A Power Supply, GVE 36V 4.3A Power Supply, CII RGB / SLIM30/45/60/90/120 Bluetooth connection


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