Chemiclean Red Cyano Bacteria Treatment


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Chemi-clean removes red, black, blue-green and methane (bubble) producing algae from marine aquariums. It’s completely safe for use in all reef tanks, invertebrates, desirable macro algae, nitrifying bacteria and fish.

It is completely safe for all fish, corals, invertebrates, and nitrifying bacteria in reef systems. It’s simple, quick and easy to use. Chemiclean works within 48 hours oxidizing trapped organic sludge and promotes an ideal enzyme balance. Chemiclean will clean stains from red cyanobacteria in aquariums.

The benefits of using Chemiclean:
•Cleans many types of stains from cyanobacteria
•Works in fresh and salt water
•Completely safe for all fish, corals, invertebrates, and nitrifying bacteria

Chemi-clean is a safe and effective red slime eliminator that works through oxidation. Chemi-clean will remove red slime from your live rock, live coral, and live sand. Chemi-clean is manufactured using only the highest quality ingredients. It’s a simple-to-use liquid.only one drop of Chemi-clean per one gallon of water. It eliminates red slime within 48 hours, restoring and maintaining the natural beauty of your aquarium. Chemi-clean prevents growth of red slime on live coral, live sand, and live rocks. Chemi-clean oxidizes organic sludge, and promotes ideal enzyme balance.

One level scoop (Included) per 10 gallons. After 48 hours, repeat if needed. Must change water (20%) after every treatment (49hours). To keep aquarium clear, repeat once each month. Contents treats 300 gallons. Turn off protein skimmer, UV sterilizer and/or ozonizer and remove Chemi-Pure or carbon filtration for 24 hours following each treatment. During treatment maintain tank oxygen level with airstone or other aerator. Boyd enterprises cannot be held liable for damage caused by imporper use of this product. Contains no phosphate, algaixides, or erythromycin succate.


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