Boyu TL-550 Marine Aquarium (128 Litres)


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The TL-550 nano reef system is a completely self contained marine nano fish tank aquarium. Packed with innovative features that are built into the lid and back filter compartment area the TL-550 system is perfect for not only the reef keeping specialist but is also a great place to start for the beginning hobbyist. The aquariums filtration area is completely hidden at the back of the tank and holds the included flow pump, return pump, protein skimmer, heater, UV steriliser and filter media. For cleaning and maintenance the aquariums hood can be slid to the back of the aquarium to hang vertically down the rear wall of the tank, allowing for full unhindered access to the filter area. The aquarium hood includes 2 x 24w T5 10000k PL Lighting with each bulb having two tubes comprising of a white and blue light for marine fish keeping. Dual low noise fans are housed in the top of the hood for cooling purposes. Also included in the hood is two low wattage blue moonlight LEDs to give the tank a night time moonlight effect. Both lighting functions can be independently switched on and off using the buttons that have been placed on top of the hood to fit in with the design and style of the fish tank.

  • Tank size: 128l (510mm x 570mm x 670mm)
  • Built-in hood 10 000K lighting system: PL-24W x 2 + power saving LED lighting
  • Built-in 5W UV steriliser
  • Built-in bio-filtration system (water pump, filter sponge, filter bag, bio-balls, activated carbon and ceramic rings included)
  • Built-in protein skimmer
  • Built-in cooling fans
  • Comes complete with pedestal cabinet
  • Suitable for marine fish-keeping (heater included)


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