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Blue Treasure Premium Coral Sand is the highest quality coral sand for use in saltwater tanks. The substrate is derived from Sea regions characterized by the impeccably clean environment.No contaminants, nitrates and phosphates and neighborhood of Indonesian reefs provides unprecedented to date mapping of natural conditions in every aquarium.

Coral sand Blue Treasure is a porous grain with a diameter of 1-2mm perfectly fulfilling its role as a habitat for beneficial bacteria filter. It is not painted, making it look natural and perfectly matches with a rock arrangement.

5kg package is tightly packed, ensuring a sterile purity of its contents helps both in transport and in the dumping of sand to the aquarium.

The main content of the coral sand is calcium carbonate, which can be conducive to the stability of pH value

in seawater.

High-quality products Blue Treasure has been awarded the issuing of the certificate of ISO9001: 2008

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