Aquatronica Module Dosing Pump


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Brand: Aquatronica


Aquatronica dosing pumps guarantee the possibility of metering liquids in your aquarium.

The module consists in 3 peristaltic pumps which function independently and allow the following types of dosage:

  • single dosage: allows a pre-established quantity of the substance to be administered at a set time and on set days;
  • repeated dosage: allows a dosage to be repeated at regular intervals (hours – days);
  • weekly dosage: allows the desired dosage to be administered only on set days of the week;
  • distributed dosage: the desired substance is administered evenly over a set time lapse.

The dosing pumps by Aquatronica are also used to dispense elements based on data supplied by the electrodes connected to the system: this innovative function proves useful to automatically correct the biological balance of the water. There are also 3 optional connectors that can be used in the future to connect feasible stirring systems to the module for dispensing insoluble elements that would otherwise tend to settle on the bottom.


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