Aqua Ocean Reef Plus Marine Salt 5kg




AQUA OCEAN Reef Plus Marine Salt

  • Specially developed for soft corals and fish only systems

Reef Plus Marine Salt contains all the macro, micro and trace elements naturally found in reef waters.

It is rich in multivitamins, amino acids and protective colloids which have significant effect in strengthening the immune system of marine invertebrates. The Aqua Ocean Reef Plus Marine Salt dissolves rapidly and is free of nitrate and phosphate. It will reach a stable and natural pH shortly after mixing. It’s ideal for all types of closed aquariums.

Directions: Use 1 kg of Aqua Ocean SPS and Reef Sea Salt mix with 30 Litres of fresh water until the salt completely dissolved. At a temperature of 23-25°C/73-77°F, the specific gravity of the saltwater should range from 1.022 to 1.024.


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