ADA – Aquasoil Amazonia (3L or 9L)


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ADA – Aquasoil Amazonia (3L or 9L) ver 2

ADA – Aquasoil Amazonia (3L or 9L) Ver.2 uses black soil for a raw material. Therefore it stands out against the leaf color of aquatic plants. Each bag also includes Amazonia Supplement to enrich nutrients. In addition, by adding the right amount of Amazonia supplement and laying ADA – Aquasoil Amazonia aquatic plants grow better. A beautiful Nature Aquarium can be made. In addition, natural soils make the water quality suitable for aquatic plants and tropical fish. It is also easy to maintain an aquarium at the beginning stage, so it can be used widely from beginners to veterans.

Designed to create the image of Amazonia. Create an aquascape depicting the fertile South American rain forest with the dynamic alternation of rainy and dry seasons.

  • Completely new substrate made from specially natural material from the earth.
  • Particles capture dirt floating in the water, without any chemical treatment.
  • Gives clarity to the water and creates conditions ideal for healthy growth of aquatic plants.
  • Helps to lower the hardness level of the water.
  • Helps to bring the pH level of the water down to an ideal level for most of the aquatic plants.
  • Composed of granules of size and density ideal for the fast development of healthy plant root systems compared to sand.
  • Granules maintain their shape for a long period in water, holding air between them, which is vital for the long time maintenance of a planted aquarium.
  • Used with Power Sand stimulates the fast colonization of bacteria in the substrate and creates perfect conditions for plant root systems.
  • Most desirable pH level for most aquatic plants(ph 5.5 – 6.5) to develop their root systems.

Generally ADA Powersand Advanced is used to create even better plant growth and a healthier environment for the roots.

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3L, 9L


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