ACP Pumps Energy Saving marine & pond Pumps



AC Pumps
Energy saving marine and pond pumps.
Pumps up to 40000 liters per hour.

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ACP3 – 30W 3000L/H, ACP4 – 36W 4000L/H, ACP 5 – 43W 5000L/H, ACP6 – 55W 6000L/H, ACP9 – 80W 9000L/H, ACP12 – 85W 12 000L/H, ACP15 – 130W 15 000L/H, ACP20 – 180W 20 000L/H, ACP30 – 280W 30 000L/H, ACP40 – 360W 40 000L/H


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